What’s Distribuware All About

Distribuware Generosity Choices Inc. presents its unique online or offline advertising campaign also known as “Distribuware”.


The Advertising Aim and Purpose of the Advertisement Payment Page

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Products and Services.

Distribuware encourages growth in Health, Wealth and Wisdom products and services. We sell and recommend products and services to promote social, economic and spirirtual spheres for our planet to return to a more natural and equal distribution of both material and spiritual health, economic wealth, and the best sources of wisdom for life in the 21st century.

A Knowledgebase of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Products contained within each member area.

We write articles based on Health, Wealth and Wisdom,  concerning the body, mind and spirit, so that members can have access to a wide variety of knowledge that can improve one’s material, economic, and spiritual well being. Members can contribute as well to this vast  knowledge base for the benefit of all members of Distribuware. These Articles are accessed only from the members’ area.

Welcome to Distribuware Advertising.

Please sign up using our Advertisement Payment Page by clicking the Pay Distribuware button which leads to our chosen online payment processors. You can then choose an online processor which mostly suits your needs and area.  Pay the Distribuware fee in order to be refunded as long as you refer others.  Follow the system right through to the end, in order to fully receive your activated Advertisement Payment Page on Distribuware. You will be paid to advertise on Distribuware, instead of paying large sums of money to advertise your goods and services. Thank you for choosing Distribuware 
Advertising Campaign.

Cost Per Level 

  Bronze Level           US $150.00 plus $20.00 for prepaid card  -8 Ads per page
  Silver Level             US $450.00 plus $20.00 for prepaid card  -12 Ads  per page
  Gold Level              US $750.00 plus $20.00 for prepaid card  -16 Ads  per page
  Platinum Level       US $1200.00 plus $20.00 for prepaid card -20 Ads per page
  Diamond Level       US $1800.00 plus $20.00 for prepaid card – 24 Ads per page
  Advertisements can be changed at no extra cost.


The Advertisement Payment Page Concept of Choices.

Commercial Advertisers and their supporting Distributors, who are made up of employees, customers, friends, family, and whoever those Advertisers and Distributors refer Distribuware to, automatically refer their own advertisements placed on an Advertisement Payment Page exactly like this one. When you sign up using the Advertisement Payment Page Subscription ID# of either an Advertiser or Distributor, you will receive your own Advertisement Payment Page with your Subscription ID number attached to your Pay Distribuware payment button. In this way others can sign up using your Subscription ID# when they click on the payment button. Your Ads, providing you signed up as an advertiser, change to what you upload and place on the Advertisement Payment Page. Those ads can be changed at any time after placing them. Distributors will simply advertise the Ads placed by the Advertiser they signed up with.

The principle of offering great discounts on your products and services.

Distribuware advertising works on the universal principle of “Giving and Receiving”.

The more you give, the more you get. Distribuware Generosity Choices Inc. has set the example of offering 66.67% of fees collected from Advertisers and Distributors, refunded back to each Advertiser and Distributor for referrals they made for their Advertisers’ Payment Pages. The refunding process is done through our retained online payment processors offering prepaid international debit cards to each individual member.  For instance, this Advertisement Payment Page  operates a selection of subscriptions fees ranging from Bronze Level to Diamond Level. When someone you refer pays the fee for one of these levels, you are returned 66.67% of that fee.  That’s a 66.67% discount given to you.  Distribuware retains only 33.33% for our cost of running Distribuware Advertisement campaigns. Every time you refer and someone joins using your Advertisement page ID#, you receive a refund directly related to the fee you paid. View Levels below and the principle of 66.67% return on investment remains the same. You pay only once in this system unless you decide to purchase another Subscription  Level later on.  Advertisers or Distributors do not have to sell products and services to receive their refund of fees. A company or individual simply has to refer others to their Distribuware Advertisement Payment Page like this one, in order to receive referral funds once the referee joins and pays.  It is a unique advertising online and offline campaign.  Lets say you paid $150.00 for the first level Bronze Subscription and you later referred 20 persons or companies that actually paid to join, it means you would have received $2,000.00 for a one time investment of $150.00. The more you refer the more you receiveThis works for all levels of Subcriptions



For world citizens participation across boundaries

 Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies accepted on some

If you are interested in Distribuware Advertising Campaign, you may consider signing up on our selected payment processors.  If you are already a member of anyone of them, you can pay Distibuware using  your choice of payment processor. However, not all payment processors listed here can furnish you with your refundable and prepaid debit card, so when you refer others, you receive referral income.  The income will then be utilized through the use of ATMs across the globe and at shops both online and offline.    Prepaid/Refundable Debit Cards for international     Visa       UnionPay  can be funded.  We do not accept Credit Card payments to pay your fees due to the heavy refundable nature of our operations.

The current online processors which issues prepaid debit cards are as follows. Distribuware can issue your prepaid debit card directly from the following payment processors listed below.



Hyperwallet Systems Inc.

No matter who you’re paying, we have a solution that fits

Whether you pay earnings, commissions, or royalties, we’ll help you scale to pay the planet. Our frictionless payout technology supports mass payouts across the globe, giving you immediate access to new markets and new opportunities.

With one integration, you’ll achieve:

  • Global reach and scalability
  • Best in industry transaction success rate
  • Real-time payment visibility
  • Streamlined payee onboarding and compliance handling
  • Improved payee loyalty and satisfaction





Don’t turn down paying customers

Our platform makes taking Bitcoin and other blockchain currencies as easy as installing a plugin. Make more money by letting all of your customers pay. You receive money deposited to your bank account. Everyone wins.



 (3) PERFECT MONEY                                                                                                            

Perfect Money presents unique features for Business and Personal accounts.

While using Perfect Money payment system one can do the following:

 Perform money transfers between members
 Receive payments in various business projects in Internet
 Make regular payments in Internet
 Safely store money funds on electronic account and get monthly interests
 Make payment for goods and services in Internet shops
 Buy Bitcoin, Gold Metal, USD and EUR currency online



 (4) PAYEER             

  • PAYEER® Transfers

    You can send instant electronic transfer to people in the world to e-mail address, or transfer funds to millions of registered Payeer accounts.



 (5) CRYPTOPAY         

       Share the link on your website or send it directly to your friends and audience

Your friend gets a 25% discount,
once follows the link and uses
our card.

You get 10% revenue share
on all the fees we charge.

Buy Bitcoins with debit or credit card

Say goodbye to time-wasting SEPA transfers. Buy BTC using only your debit or credit card: verify an account, link the plastic card through the account settings and buy bitcoins in a tap of the button. Install the Cryptopay App to buy & sell Bitcoins with a bank card on the go.



(6) SPECTROCOIN                                                  

Bitcoin Exchange Instant exchange, use your funds immediately

150+ countries and 30+ currencies supported

20+ deposit and withdrawal methods are available. Including credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and cash



(7) PAYPAL       



With 24/7 fraud detection, we work around the clock to keep your account secure

Pay your way, whether it’s credit, debit, or your bank account

Speed through checkout at millions of brands that accept PayPal


With 24/7 fraud detection, we work around the clock to keep your account secure

Pay your way, whether it’s credit, debit, or your bank account

Speed through checkout at millions of brands that accept PayPal



(8) ADVCASH      


Easy to fund

Depositing funds has never been easier. Popular e-currencies like Perfect Money or OKPay, SWIFT/SEPA transfers, and more. There are always fast affordable ways to fund your Advanced Cash e-wallet wherever you are.

Built for you

Several wallet currencies, one account. Free internal transfers. Instant transfers to Advanced Cash cards. Multi-tier account security system. Whatever you do with Advanced Cash, it takes only seconds.

Handy withdrawals

Quick, reliable and affordable withdrawals all over the world. Virtual and plastic prepaid cards in USD and EUR. Withdrawals to existing Visa/MasterCard cards. Hassle-free transfers to emails for those who don’t have an account yet.



(9) OK PAY


Business Services and Personal Services

  • Accepting Payments

    Increase your sales by offering dozens of international and local payment options, manage recurring payments, etc.

  • Global Payouts

    Payouts are made simple for organizations and their members. Send payments conveniently around the globe.

  • Digital Wallet

    Manage your business tasks with ease and precision: send and receive funds, manage subscriptions, request payments, etc.

  • Multi-Currency Account

    Accept payments by bank transfer, withdraw money to your bank account, and instantly convert national curencies.



Special Note

Together, the  online gateways accept many forms of payments from other online payment processors dealing in e-currencies, cryptocurrenices, fiat, credit cards and debit cards and international bank wire transfers across the globe. Please be aware that Distribuware does not accept Credit Card payments directly. From time to time we will add more world payment online gateways.  Our intention is to conduct and operate only with worldwide payment systems. In this way anyone participating in Distribuware can pay and be funded where ever there is an Internet connection, an email address or possess a prepaid debit card or bitcoin address. The three main fiat currencies as a start are USD, EURO and GBP.



Distribuware Generosity Choices Inc. cannot be held responsible for any advertiser or distributor who intrudes on anyone and sends unsolicited emails of their Distribuware Advertisement Payment Pages URL or bombards computers with any “adware” like software and other such intruding materials. We do not subscribe to such behavior by any of our advertisers or distributors. The public is hereby requested to report to the company (email admin@distribuware.com) any such advertiser or distributor of our Distribuware Network Systems. Such advertisers or distributors will be deactivated forthwith without any explanations or warnings given to them. Simply give us the name of the member, the Distribuware ID # and  SN # found on the black border above.  By public we mean anyone who is not a member of Distribuware Network Systems.


Distribuware Generosity Choices Inc, Registered Office,  Suite 9, Ansuya Estate, Revolution Avenue, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles, email  admin@distribuware.com.

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