The Vedic right-angled Swastika The Vedic Swastika Symbol of Love 


   The Om Symbol Original Sound of God.                                                                                                                                                                             


Knowing who and what you are.

The Presence of the Soul- The Real Life

The most important knowledge that one must begin with, whether it is material or spiritual is the knowledge of who and what you are. For without that knowledge of oneself, one becomes clouded with the illusory energy of material nature. This is the nature of the material world we live in. Knowing who and what you are begins with the proper identification between the body and the soul. The soul is the driving force or life, or part of the makeup, which when it leaves, the body becomes useless. We experience this when there is death of any kind of  the body. We witness the body deteriorates immediately after the soul leaves the body. What has kept the body from decay while in its living years is the soul. The soul is part and parcel of the Supreme Soul (God). It is a minute particle or spark of the Supreme Soul. All bodies that we see, whether it be a human, a tree or dog consists of the soul within that body. The soul is the life, a particle of God. One may say it is a minute sample of God.  The combination of these souls, are simply parts and parcels of God, the Supreme Soul or Life force. This is the very basic understanding of both material and spiritual knowledge. This is the basic premise that any kind of knowledge should stand on.

What is the difference between the body and the soul or matter and spirit?

Life or Dead Matter

This analytical question can best be achieved by first asking oneself some simple questions. For example, if you had a choice between these two -to live eternally ever youthful or to die suddenly at any time, which will you choose. Obviously, it would be to live eternally ever youthful. This is because that is the exact nature of the soul. Put another way, if you had the choice to live in a place where there is no birth pangs, death, suffering, old-age or disease and where you presently live, would you stay in your present place or leave immediately for this other. Bet you will be looking for the next exit from your present abode. Because this is the nature of the spiritual world. Material nature is basically composed of earth, fire, air, water and ether or sky (space). The material things man assembles together, are a combination of these gross elements in different modes. For instance, a vehicle is made from all these elements by man, but when it is finished, it cannot drive itself. A person must get behind the steering wheel and start the engine, and then the vehicle can demonstrate mobility for which it is made. Material science is simply mysterious without spiritual touch. Once material energy is touched by the divine spiritual spark, then it becomes useful. Similarly, the truth of spiritual science over material science, starts with our very existence. Indeed, man can only emulate what is already achieved by the Complete Whole God. All bodies are useless without the presence or touch of the soul-the divine spiritual spark which is a minute spiritual particle of The Complete Whole of the Personality of Godhead. One may say in return the spirit is also mysterious as well. In this level of our existence, we need both natures to work together for the best results. Too much emphasis on things material, i.e. material science and education has caused an imbalance and mystery in excess in life. On the other hand, insufficient or incomplete knowledge of the spirit has done the same. The latter comes in the form of mundane religions, mental speculation of philosophers and their schools of thought. Without knowing the Personality of Godhead and His spiritual sparks who have realized Him, and who can impart direct knowledge given by Him to them, all other persons-spiritual sparks, remain bewildered and life both material and spiritual appears mysterious.

Demystifying life both material and spiritual.

The Spiritual Science of the Self and God

Jnana yoga is a path of transcendental spiritual knowledge, or spiritual science. It’s deeper than mere material knowledge-material science. The human body and indeed all bodies are made of earth, water, fire, air and ether. The spiritual soul is of the eternal realm. It’s quality is eternal, unchangeable knowledge, and spiritual unending bliss and same as the Supreme Soul (God). Yoga means to link or to yoke. So Jnana yoga means to link the mind and intelligence to the soul’s eternal nature in the first instance. We should not only think we are these bodies. That’s just our space suits. They are made with the same materials of earth, water, air, fire and ether or sometimes referred to as sky which is finer than air. The human mind is made out of ether. It’s still not spiritual-meaning, it is not eternal. Somehow it travels with the soul at the time of destruction of the material body and once the soul still remains in the material world. Jnana yoga is described in the Vedic literatures only. It’s not just religious knowledge as we commonly read in other religious texts. Mundane religious knowledge is made up of moral codes of the behavior of goodness against badness (dualities). Jnana yoga introduces the humans’ minds and intelligence beyond the knowledge of matter. Material scientists have no understanding of Jnana yoga in their speculative determinations, nor do religionists. A jnani yogi sees the two forms of knowledge as useful for life in the material world. They are not opposing each other as such. However, the jnani yogi by much practice in meditation also comes to understand and realize that transcendental knowledge of the spiritual energy, is the superior and eternal state of life. So when we take only knowledge from the material scientists as the final conclusion, it is misleading and faulty knowledge actually, because every aspect of material knowledge is changeable. Material energy being inferior to spiritual energy changes. One day its in a particular condition, and another day it changes. Just like earth, air, fire,water and ether changes in front our eyes. Our bodies change for this reason. So while we have use of material energy we cannot actually rely on it to tell us the truth of who we really are. Only spiritual knowledge of the soul and the superior spiritual energy gives us that information once we are in total recognition and conscious of this fact. Therefore it is this spiritual technology that we are lacking in human society. This type of knowledge has nothing to do with being religious or irreligious. It is for both types of human beings and acts in the same way regardless of someone’s beliefs in God. A practitioner of Jnana yoga then transcends a practitioner of religion and a practitioner of material science by far for this reason. We need spiritual scientists to help answer both spiritual and material questions. Not material scientists. They simply speculate and play with God’s material energy. Spiritual energy cannot be also tested by man, like it’s done in a science laboratory. Because spiritual energy is unseen, it cannot be actually touched by the senses of a human in the form of seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, and so on. It can only be revealed or experienced by direct perception, by way of his questioning and acceptance of it by a process, and practice. Not just believing in it but knowing it exist by a deeper sense of feeling and perceiving. It’s a real transcendental experience. Only people of this caliber should we now put up as actual leaders of mankind. Why, because such a person must know the Vedic science in an in-depth way after long years of practice. As it involves controlling the mind and senses and actually knowing God exist in that spiritual energy. In this way we cannot see God directly but we can perceive God’s existence by way of actual spiritual intelligence. This process is called Jnana yoga. It’s one of the eight-fold yoga system of enlightenment found in the Vedic literatures.

Belief in or Knowing God

It is a vital knowledge that man is missing. Basic religious texts like the Bible, Quoran, Torah and some others have pronounced and touched on it but not in sufficient quantities. It’s like primary school level education compared with university and post graduate study. Religion has concentrated on moral principles of living which is good, but what they have failed in is, they have not spent much time explaining the most important aspect of the very nature of life and the source of life. Merely believing in God is insufficient. One has to know God exist and that we are particles of God, and that we are in God and God is within us as well. We must also know God’s qualities, activities, how He thinks and what He says about His own creations. Otherwise we cannot develop our true love for some we do not know. We cannot say “I don’t wish this body” I wish to live eternally with complete happiness” so I will change it in this life” and its changed instantly. It can happen, but over a course of several life times. So we have no control on time, which is the real representative of the Supreme in the material world. So God is right in front of everyone in the form of time. The Vedic Science gives this kind of post graduate information in greater detail.

The Laws of God or The Laws of Man

The one governance required is the laws of God in the Holy scriptures of this world. It’s not only the Bible. It’s not only the Quoran. It’s not only the Torah. It’s about all of them combined with the universal truths and actions for a more peaceful planet earth explained in much more detail in the Vedas. One simply cannot remain within the primary a,b,c standard like a child. One has to go on studying and searching out higher understandings contained in the Vedic literature.

Man is a servant of God. We know nothing substantial really without God. We aren’t the owner of the planet. God is. So God must be recognized as the Supreme Authority. Not man. The wealth of the earth does not belong to man. It belongs to God. This includes paper money in banks. Every thing will be taken away from man at the end of each life. One will have to start from scratch in the next life. There were past lives and there will be future lives. We are living the present life now which was a future life and is sure to become a past life. Think about this truth. We are simply learning this the hard way. If we don’t learn how to choose our leaders we will repeat our mistakes and things will get worst.

The Source of Worldly Scriptures

A one world government will never be established on earth. That will be worst with demons on top. A one world religion and spiritual science is needed. So the real problem is how to detect demoniac leaders. First we must learn the difference between a person who knows he/she is a servant of God and one who thinks he/she is God or that there is no God. It is this type of questioning that should be asked around the world. For these studies and answers, we ourselves will have to seek out the Vedic scriptures and specifically the Bhagavad Gita As It Is translated by A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami and Srimad Bhagavatam also translated by Bhaktivedanta Swami in many languages. These Vedic literatures are not Hindu scriptures. There is no such thing as being Hindu, Muslim or Christian or other names of followers of religion. One may use them but those names die when the person body dies. The real living being does not die and are not belonging to any religion. They belong to God who is not interested in mundane religion from the point of view of mere bodily concept of being real identity. The body is not the true self. If we want to purchase gold, we first must know the qualities of gold. Otherwise anyone can rob and fool us. The animals and plants need no scriptures for they cannot read nor hear scripture, nor think of God. The primary purpose of human life then, is to know and realize God. Not just being religious.

Man made viruses, nuclear bombs, and 5G technology of mass destruction

So what is happening now is that each and every sincere human being is clearly being told from within and without by God, not to simply put any fool to rule human beings. The real qualifications to rule human beings are that the rulers and leaders should be able to prove both to man and to God that he/she knows who God is (1), and he/she knows who he/she really is (2). That one is equal and not greater than any other human being. (3) That is where these books of the Vedic scriptures excel. Why? Because they are the only scriptures on this planet that are actually and originally spoken and written by God Himself- Krishna Vedavyasa. All others are spoken by various inspired men/women which is not sufficient in realizing God. We must hear from God Himself about Himself. This is the view point of the Vedic literatures.

Lord Jesus Christ was a Yogi and Follower of the Vedas

Lord Jesus Christ is not God. He is however, a qualified son of God. He isn’t the only son either. He never said that he was God and that he is the only son. Statements like “I am the way, truth and light” “I and the father are one” or “No man comes unto the father but through me” does not make him God. Those statements contain two personalities involved always,”our father who is in heaven” “Holy is thy Name” Jesus referred regularly to God as the Father of him and all humans. So Jesus never spoke about himself as God. He spoke about his real father who is God. He had an earthly father as all of us have one. Think about it. They are our foster father in one sense. Our real father is God. Because God is the seed giving father of everyone. The correct understanding is that Jesus acted as the spiritual master or guru for his followers and disciples at that time. There were no other qualified spiritual masters at that time. Only the bonafide guru at a particular time holds that position among human kind. Someone must point the way, the truth, and the light. There must be consultation with someone having more advanced and purer understanding of God. Otherwise one becomes subject to his/her own mind and will be prone to make up false knowledge of God and also follow unscrupulous people and demoniac leaders.

Spiritual Science and Material Science

This earth planet is a tiny one of the estates (mansions) of the Supreme Being and we are all His servants. No one is greater than anyone else. God does not speak in mundane terms of a particular religion. He speaks what He has created and how to use it in His service. This is real science. That is beyond religion. That knowledge contains both material science and spiritual science. Using those energies of God in the service of its rightful owner is beyond a belief system. We must know that God exist and not just believing in God. In other words the Vedas are the USER MANUALS of God directly of how best to serve Him. They are also far older than any other scriptures on this planet. Originally they are written in Sanskrit, the planet’s oldest language and source of all languages.

An Advanced School of Spiritual Science

Our time for fooling around with the property of the Supreme is over. Those who are sincere will understand what the Vedic science puts forward. This is the solution. Man does not know any thing about himself, this planet and the real owner of this planet, the Supreme Living Entity, which we refer too as God. So we will have to go back to a school of spiritual science which was missed in order to relearn this natural science process and this is what is taking place now. There are many things to unlearn and relearn. The Vedic literatures should now be consulted. They are available in many languages now and they are online. Have a look at them and buy them. They explain the truth of the Holy Names of Lord Krsna. This is the reason for this site. To offer higher and purer truths to mankind. We should not be just consumers and killers of God’s properties and material energies, but we should be co-creators, creating useful things with the energies of the Supreme to be used in His service only. He is the real eternal Benefactor.

Material Energy does not constitute real science

With all the advancement man has made in material science, he now thinks he is God or have no use for God. So with the present situation on the planet, God Himself draws to our attention and gives a timeout to all. He is showing He can can dismantle every aspect of life by an unseen material energy. Man thinks he made the viruses or the nuclear energy or 5G technology. No, God showed him how to foolishly kill himself and to misuse His material energy which is automatically a destructive energy, or negative energy in its natural state. It is a soothing energy of eternity, knowledge and bliss. It is the spiritual energy that man has full capacity to discover and use accordingly. The spiritual energy cannot kill. It can only create, expand and produce new consciousness of life. It can be used to free one from the entanglement of material life which only offers birth pangs, old age, disease and death. So everything man makes with material energy simply enhances and quickens the four set backs in life, namely birth, death, old age, and disease. Therefore man remains a fool until he discovers himself as a spiritual spark of the Supreme Entity. That’s an incredible spark of life we are. The problem however, it is grossly under-utilized. The process to use it is called bhakti yoga science. This aspect of man’s development is now coming to the forefront again. It’s not new to this planet. It was here before but in the past ages. There are four such ages. The first age is one of Truthfulness, Cleanliness, Mercy, and Austerity full one hundred percent. The second age those qualities are reduced one quarter. The third age it further reduced by half. The fourth and last age it is reduced by three quarters leaving truthfulness to stand alone which becomes weaker and weaker as the age progresses, and God consciousness is almost completely absent. It is called Kali Yuga or the age of lies, deceits, confusions, and hypocrisies. These truths can be obtained in full descriptions from the Vedic literatures like Bhagavad Gita As It Is and Srimad Bhagavatam translated by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. It’s online in all different languages. God Himself (Bhagavan) means one who possesses all full six opulences unlimitedly, and these are wealth, fame, knowledge, strength, beauty and the power of renunciation. He is the speaker and writer of the original Sanskrit Vedic texts. So we should not just make material advancement as our main goal of life. We can end up speeding up the process of death as we now see. This transcendental knowledge is powerful. It’s not just religion but spiritual science. Mundane religion without proper spiritual science understanding, helps to breed discrimination of all types. Because one thinks he is the material body. “My belief is this, my faith is this, my race and color is this, my caste is this and they are better than yours”. All nonsense claims. This then is the serious flaw of this age i.e., we are hypocrites, deceivers, and untruthful human beings. This is what we need to correct. Hare Krsna.

The Purpose of the Vedas in this age of confusion and hypocrisy.

The Four Yugas (Ages/Eras)

Spiritual science is an individual experience. The VEDAS is within every soul in the form of the Super Soul (God within). There are four prescribed spiritual processes to attain spiritual realization individually. One soul cannot prove it to another soul. The proof is in actually applying the process. If I offer you a medicine curing a disease, you must take the medicine to prove me right. You do this with all aspects of your life. One has to apply or take the medicine. Only then one would be healed.

The first process is one of meditation on God within our hearts. It is an extremely lengthy and difficult process and in the first age called Satya yuga -satya means full truth realized and yuga means age or era, a time when humans lived for 100,000 earthly years. The process recommended meditation on the Super Soul within. Persons will sit and meditate until they realized the Super Soul within them. On their success, at the time of death of the body, their soul would be transferred back to the eternal spiritual world where there is no birth, death, old age, or disease. Those who were unsuccessful will take birth again and given an opportunity to continue the process. The yugas also have an age of their own and starts and finishes accordingly. They automatically flow into each other and again starts over. The next following age called Treta yuga, humans’ lifespan were 10,000 earthly years. This second spiritual process was the performance of sacrifices which were very difficult to perform as it involved accurate pronunciation of Sanskrit mantras and had to be performed according to exact time and places and many other conditions and stipulations. That perfected process led to the transfer of successful souls back to the spiritual kingdom of the Supreme. The unsuccessful humans would then be born into the Dwapara yuga, where the lifespan was 1000 earthly years. The third process was temple worship of the Deities of God Krishna. As people began to lose their natural spiritual and mental powers, they had to be reminded physically. The successful souls would be transferred to the spiritual kingdom of God. The unsuccessful persons will take birth in the last age of Kali yuga which we are now in. The fourth process is achieved simply by chanting the Holy Names found in all scriptures on this planet and specifically the Vedas. All are powerful names of God. The Vedas personified is non different from the Super Soul Himself, who resides in the heart of all living entities.

Krsna Vedavyasa (God) spoke and wrote the Vedas

The Vedas contains all relevant knowledge of God’s kingdoms of material nature and spiritual nature, and is written in Sanskrit, the planet’s oldest language. It was written by an incarnation or Avatar of God appropriately named Krsna Vedavyasa. The Vedas cannot totally be read and understood by man in this age because he has lost most of his mental and spiritual intelligence and is a little above the animals in consciousness for this reason. As this Kali yuga gets older, and its now about just over 5000 plus years. Vyasadeva summarized The Vedanta Sutras into the treaties called Srimad Bhagavatam, the post graduate study for the devotees of Krsna and Krsna Himself being the sole purpose of the Vedas.  Bhagavad Gita is the essences of the Vedas and is spoken by Krsna Himself. You can view the explanation of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada of what is the Vedas.

Any knowledge man knows has come from the Vedas. Spiritual knowledge, material science, mathematics, physics, economic, social sciences, politics, medicine, space travel, musical sound vibration, and many many arts and sciences. The early Westerners some of whom learned Sanskrit had seen those various knowledge bases and returned to the west so to speak, writing as though they created those theories. One such famous personality was Pythagoras. He presented two aspects in music science which is the math aspect of the Circle of 5ths, and some other geometrical theories such as his famous one we all learned in school. Well his “theories” were first found in the Vedas. There are many more western philosophers and thinkers who gained their knowledge from the Vedas. Air and space travel is nothing new to the Vedas. Only that the Vedas explains the subtle energy factors through the use of mantras for the mind more than the gross material energy. Every thing can be achieved in the subtle form. Material scientists have not yet learned or discovered how to use the subtle energy powers of their minds and what to speak of the spiritual power of the spark of God, the soul within man. So the Vedas are for these purposes and are real. Their essence studies are the Bhagavad Gita As It Is and Srimad Bhagavatam by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and are translated into the major languages of this planet. They are the full User Manuals of the material world in all material universes of God. 

The Special Mercy of this Kali Yuga (The Present age we are in)

In the spiritual world the Vedas do not exist as it is not needed, because the pure living entities are free of material encumbrances and they are perfected beings and in the presence of God Himself.  In this particular Kali yuga, a special mercy is given out at this time.  There is a 10,000 year mercy period somewhat like a Satya yuga type of intelligence being handed out by Krsna (God). The Lord appeared just 500 years ago as the most merciful incarnation of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He is God Himself in that simple form as a devotee of Krsna.  He, also like Christ, delivered the spiritual concept of chanting the Holy Names of God, “Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare.  Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare.“ because men live for such a short age barely 100 years old and even that is very rare. He says one cannot approach the entire Vedas for all its worth in this present age, but one can simply call on the Names of God which is Lord Sri Hare Krsna, The Original Supreme Personality of Godhead. Throughout the Vedas, Krsna was known and is still known as the Original Person from whom everything emanates. Man really knows nothing in truth by himself, and in fact without consulting with Krsna, he worsens his position in life. So in this special mercy period of the Kali Yuga, everyone can become spiritually fortunate. People may know a few things religiously or materially, but not to the extent to change the conditioning in life we are now experiencing.

Chanting the Maha Mantra, The only way, the only way, the only way in this age

The Vedas had also long proclaimed the Maha Mantra,  “Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare.  Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare.“ It stressed that it is the only way 3 times to show its importance to deliver the fallen souls in this Kali yuga, the age of man where he has no understanding of who he is and what is his purpose here on earth. He has no good qualities and cannot control his restless mind, therefore he has lost all spiritual and mental power. He seeks power only in the material energy, which is really dead matter. The only reason why material energy exist, is due to the fact that the spiritual souls are within it. Once the souls leave, material energy decays and turns into dust and earth. (Dusts to dust ashes to ashes The Bible proclaims correctly). The fastest way to destroy a house is when no one lives in it. There is no spirit souls in the form of humans to maintain and give it sustenance so it ruts faster.

The Material Scientists are Frauds

We should no longer really accept such scientific and political demons’ views again. We have surrendered to them without questioning them. They say they have created this or that product, and we blindly accepted without asking for proof of its values stated. A few years after, they say no don’t accept that any more, that they now have a new product is better than the previous on. Again we believed them. It goes on like this over and over. They are speculators and frauds, for they raise large sums of money for this guessing games and schemes of theirs. Meanwhile the unsuspecting populations are becoming more confused and bewildered about where life is taking them. The same thing can be said of unlearned religionists and politicians. They are persons who have not approached the Vedas in any form or fashion. The Vedas do not change. They remain the same eternally. The real material and spiritual sciences are taught in the Vedas by God Himself. He therefore is the only real scientist for He knows what He alone created. So really the time has come to separate the wheat from the paddy, something the Bible also told us about.

The Unifying Force in all Religion is the Supreme Being

Devotees of Krsna do not ill speak the Bible, Quoran, Torah and others. What we look for is the actual truths they contain in terms of the Vedas which is their actual source.  For instance Christ pointed out God as the father of everyone. He said “Blessed be the pure in heart for they shall see God”. In this way he is confirming the views of the Vedas that God is within us and not just out of us. So too, Mohammed had given some profound statements in the Quoran, which the Vedas also confirms.

The Mystic Energy of the Vedas and God

If one goes back in history and sees what has been said by great sages and saints in all religions and philosophies, they all said things that are to be found in the Vedas. The Vedas says that the Ganges water is pure. Within recent years some scientists had tested bacteria in samples of Ganges water. When they returned the next day, they saw that the bacteria they placed died.  There are many other things of that gross nature that can be proven. The Vedas also points out that stool is impure except for the stool of the cow as long at it has not touched the ground and remain there for insects to eat it and pass their stool on it. In India many people especially in the farmland areas, when they get injured and their skin is open and bleeding, they collect the fresh cow dung directly from the cow into their washed hands and place it on the wound. No infection is given to the patient. It acts as an antiseptic. The Vedas also says the cow simply eats grass and she gives the most precious of food especially to her young calf and to man. Milk is a great food item. It can be processed naturally into cheese, butter, yogurt and made into many still adorable sweets. Such is the science of the Vedas. It is God descended in that literary form.

Spiritual Energy is the Real cause of Material Energy

Spiritual energy can only be proven when spiritual energy science is applied. It cannot be tested with material energy except that which is ordained in the Vedas like the Ganges water, pure cow dung and other substances. So it is the individual soul that has to do the testing and proving. Not God, the giver of life in any form. We cannot prove God through the use of material energy. We cannot prove our true selves to others by using material energy as well. Each individual has to prove to himself or herself and not to anyone else by realizing that he/she is a spiritual part and particle of God and that he/she is not the material body which is made up of blood, puss and stool and urine, which are all abominable substances of material body. It is truly an individual thing. Our relationship with our Maker Krsna, is unique to all of us individually. Life doesn’t have to be proved simply because life itself is the proof. Think about these things deeply. Hare Krsna.

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