The Vedic right-angled Swastika                                                                                                                                                                        The Vedic Swastika Symbol of Love                                                 The Om Symbol Original Sound of God.                                                           


Knowing who and what you are.

The most important knowledge that one must begin with, whether it is material or spiritual is the knowledge of who and what you are. For without the knowledge of oneself, one becomes clouded with the illusionary energy of material nature. This is the nature of the material world we live in. Knowing who and what you are begins with the proper identification between the body and the soul. The soul is the driving force or life, or part of the makeup, which when it leaves, the body becomes useless. We experience this when there is death of any kind of body. We see the body deteriorates immediately after the soul leaves the body. What has kept the body from decay while in its living years, is the soul. The soul is part and parcel of the Supreme Force. It is a minute particle or spark of the Supreme Soul or Force (God). All bodies that we see, whether it be a human, a tree or dog consist of the soul within that body. The soul is the life, a part of God. One may say it is a minute sample of God. And the combination of these souls, are simply parts and parcels of God, the Supreme Soul or Life force. This is the very basic understanding of both material and spiritual knowledge. This is the basic premise that any kind of knowledge should stand on.

What is the difference between the body and the soul or matter and spirit?

This analytical question can best be achieved by first asking oneself some simple questions. For example, if you had a choice between these two -to live eternally ever youthful or to die suddenly at any time, which will you choose. Obviously, it would be to live eternally ever youthful. This is because that is the exact nature of the soul. Put another way, if you had the choice to live in a place where there is no pain, suffering, old-age or disease and where you presently live, would you stay in your present place or leave immediately for the other. Bet you will be looking for the next exit from your present abode. Because this is the nature of the spiritual world. Material nature is basically composed of earth, fire, air, water and ether or sky (space). The material things man assembles together, are a combination of these gross elements in different modes. For instance, a vehicle is made from all these elements by man. But when it is finished, it cannot drive itself. A person must get behind the steering wheel and start the engine, and then the vehicle can demonstrate mobility for which it is made. Material science is simply mysterious without spiritual touch. Once material energy is touched by the divine spiritual spark, then it becomes useful. Similarly, the truth of spiritual science over material science, starts with our very existence. Indeed, man can only emulate what is already achieved by the Complete Whole God. All bodies are useless without the presence or touch of the soul-the divine spiritual spark which is a minute spiritual particle of The Complete Whole of the Personality of Godhead. One may say in return the spirit is also mysterious as well. In this level of our existence, we need both natures to work together for the best results. Too much emphasis on things material, i.e. material science and education has caused an imbalance and mystery in excess, in life. On the other hand, insufficient or incomplete knowledge of the spirit has done the same. The latter comes in the form of mundane religions, mental speculation of philosophers and their schools of thought. Without knowing the Personality of Godhead and His spiritual sparks who have realized Him, and who can impart direct knowledge given by Him to them, persons remain bewildered and life both material and spiritual appears mysterious.

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