The Philosophy Behind Distribuware                                                                                                                                                   

 1    To facilitate users of the Internet to make money while socializing, searching the web, chatting and doing almost anything on the Net.

Too many Internet sites simply allow the site owners and big businesses to sell and make money, while the mass users simply buy products and services without getting any returns for referring the sites to others. The equal distribution of wealth is now extremely necessary as we move further into the 21st century.

 2    To give others and to be given by others in return.

When we give others, we will receive from others.  Most people want to get without giving anything. Simply by getting does not make one wealthy, for it is in giving that we will receive.

 3    To give and get the best offers and discounts as a member advertiser or distributor.

Advertisers who give the best offers, discounts, credit payment facilities and other gift items will obviously receive the best returns on their investments.

 4    To get paid to advertise one’s own products and services instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to others to advertise one’s products and services.

Your best advertiser is your satisfied customers, employees, commission agents, affiliates, referrers, family members, friends and friends of your friends. Most of them use the Internet or will shortly use it. The incentive given to them through the arrangements is that they too get paid by others, and those others will also get paid by others, some of whom will advertise your products and services. To continue advertising for you, you will have to come up with special gift offers.

 5    To stay in touch with like-minded persons and companies.

Through a social, economic and caring network of thinkers, and inspired givers, people can improve their wellbeing on all levels of life. Understanding the purpose of human life is paramount in this century. One must appreciate the sacredness of life in oneself and others. Not only in human beings, but animals and plants as well. We must appreciate the land and vegetation for food, and help feed the poorer ones worldwide. By diligent work, one will be rewarded handsomely. By working smartly and co-operatively, an even distribution of wealth will naturally occur, when the selfish attitudes have gone. How much one gives in life will result in how much is returned.

A great saint once said. “Money does not stay in one place. It passes from one hand to another. Ultimately no one can enjoy money (wealth) eternally, and it remains the property of God, The Supreme Person, Creator of everything both animate and inanimate.”

Those who realize and partake of this program should give in charity to the deserving persons and organizations. God will bestow blessings both spiritually and materially according to how much one deserves. We have arrived at this juncture in the 21st century. Only the deserving will benefit now.