What is Distribuware?

Distribuware is a combination of the word Distribute and Software or Hardware. In this case it is a system designed to distribute Advertisement Payment Pages (APP), which are pages of Advertisers’ ads who had signed up on Distribuware. Both the Advertiser and their Distributors who are made up of staff, selling agents, customers and suppliers, friends family and any one with a human body can promote his/her/their APP to others. No one has to buy any product or service in Distribuware. One simply has to advertise and promote one’s website which should include the APP with one’s name on it. It is real estate. It’s worth the onetime investment fee one paid for it. For this promotion on is paid a return on investment of 67%. This happens each time one successfully promotes one’s APP.


Who are Advertisers in Distribuware?

Advertisers in Distribuware must fully and legally own their businesses which include  products and services they sell to the world wide public. All businesses, large, medium or one man shops can take part in Distribuware worldwide. It is not limited to area or country.

21st Century Thinking

Knowing who and what you are?

The most important knowledge that one must begin with, whether it is material or spiritual is the knowledge of who and what you are. For without the knowledge of oneself, one becomes clouded with the illusory energy of material nature. This is the nature of the material world we live in. Knowing who and what you are begins with the proper identification between the body and the soul. The soul is the driving force or life, or part of the makeup, which when it leaves, the body becomes useless. We experience this when there is death of any kind of body. We see the body deteriorates immediately after the soul leaves the body. What has kept the body from decay while in its living years, is the soul. The soul is part and parcel of the Supreme Force. It is a minute particle or spark of the Supreme Soul or Force (God). All bodies that we see, whether it be a human, a tree or dog consist of the soul within that body. The soul is the life, a part of God. One may say it is a minute sample of God. The combination of these souls, are simply parts and parcels of God, the Supreme Soul or Life force. This is the very basic understanding of both material and spiritual knowledge. This is the basic premise that any kind of knowledge should stand on. This type of knowledge gives the highest form of self confidence because it deals directly with the reality of the self by realization.