Bronze for The billions of Internet users and very small one man businesses. 

This is our most appreciated level for the billions of users of the Internet to start earning income while browsing, blogging, chatting or buying products and services. We believe that it is now time, for everyone who uses the Internet to not only spend money but make money. Many times we tell our friends, families, co-workers and acquaintances of good deals and benefits as we spot them on the net. But we do not gain any form of income from naturally referring others to these good deals that we have experienced. Distribuware is set up to encourage advertisers who wish to provide excellent discounts above the discounts already given to their existing customers. Advertisers will also be encouraged by Distribuware to put the best efforts in making valuable arrangements especially where advertisers sell costly goods and services and should provide credit facilities arranged via an Escrow account system or other credit facilities arranged by the advertiser.  A one-time payment allows advertisers from small to large, to place eight (8) advertisements including videos, and audios describing your goods and services.  All adds are changeable at no extra cost.

Distribuware Fees as follows

When you find a suitable Advertiser or Distributor of Distribuware. sign-up using the Advertisement Payment Page of the Advertiser or Distributor. Decide whether you will become an advertiser or a distributor and fill out the sign-up forms accordingly. 

When you have completed the forms, you will receive your Distribuware Advertisement Payment Page with your own ads, providing you had chosen to become an Advertiser member. If you had chosen to become a Distributor, you will refer the products and services of the Advertiser you signed up on.  You may also choose a Distributor who refers for an Advertiser. Then you will also become a Distributor of the Advertiser.  Pay Distribuware Bronze Level fee of US currency $150.00.

There are no downlines or up lines to pay in Distribuware. Income is derived by how much each member refers others to the advertising system of Distribuware. No one makes more than the one who works the system and refer others. Now is the time to catch the open market in the beginning of this system of advertising. Remember you have billions of users and advertisers worldwide at your disposal right now. Please observe the Rules, Rights License etc.  You can advertise Distribuware offline or online. Anyone you meet, you should hand them your call card with the URL/s of your Distribuware Advertisement Payment Page/s. It is simple but very effective. Online you can contact friends, family, online members of the social networks and make new acquaintances. Introduce them to Distribuware Advertising and get paid to advertise instead of paying large sums of money to advertise.

When you are paid by others coming in on account of your excellent work, you are paid directly to your bank Account,  Prepaid Card (MasterCard or Visa) either virtual or plastic that you can spend anywhere online or at ATMs across the world respectively.  Payments are made monthly to your account. 

Members can become Sub Administrators sharing a percentage of Administration fees providing a member successfully signs up 12 new persons or companies per month for one year or 144 signups per year and does this for 2 years. Sub Administrators prospects must purchase all 5 of the Level Packages ranging through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. A special Sub Administrator Agreement will be agreed upon between the member and

If a member does this level sales, the income earned will be $417,600  in one year.  This will show that a member has taken Distribuware Advertising and referral marketing as a viable business venture akin to selling Life Insurance Policies. Distributors especially, can use the system of Distribuware Advertising as a business venture. Such persons or companies will be entitled to become Sub Administrators. This Bronze level based on 12 signups per month brings in an income of $14,400 per year.  A Sub Administrator begins by earning 5% of Administration fees ending at 15% over a 5 year period.

You can sign up using (Distribuware Account) and refer the company by utilizing our Advertising Advertisement Payment Page for a Bronze Level account.

You can sign up using one of our Advertiser members by visiting

You can sign up using one of our  members by visiting

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Thanks for considering our Distribuware Advertising System.