Diamond for the powerful workers -The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

This is our fifth appreciated level for the hard and dedicated worker. Also, a risk taker. People who have full confidence in themselves. You can earn at a minimum $14,400 US dollars per year. That’s only one referral per month. If you do more or at least 5 per month, by holding special meetings and convincing others to do the same, you could earn $72,000. US per year.  You can sign-up with the Company’s Diamond  Distribuware Advertisement Payment Page or any member with a Diamond Payment Level and start referring other dedicated individuals or companies.

Find a suitable advertiser or distributor of Distribuware. Sign up using an Advertiser or Distributor Advertisement Payment Page. Pay the member fee of US currency $1800.00. This level entitles you to twentyfour (24) advertisements. All adds are changeable at no extra cost.

Members can become Sub Administrators sharing a percentage of Administration fees providing a member successfully signs up 12 new persons or companies per month for one year or 144 signups per year and does this for 2 years. Sub Administrators prospects must purchase all 5 of the Level Packages ranging through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. A special Sub Administrator Agreement will be agreed upon between the member and Distribuware.com

If a member does this level sales, the income earned will be $417,600  in one year.  This will show that a member has taken Distribuware Advertising and referral marketing as a viable business venture akin to selling Life Insurance Policies. Distributors especially, can use the system of Distribuware Advertising as a business venture. Such persons or companies will be entitled to become Sub Administrators. This Diamond level based on 12 signups per month brings in an income of $172,800 per year.  A Sub Administrator begins by earning 5% of Administration fees ending at 15% over a 5 year period.

You can sign up using Distribuware.com (Distribuware Account) and refer the company by utilizing our Advertising Advertisement Payment Page for a Diamond Level account.   https://www.distribuware.com/marketing/18

You can sign up using one of our Advertiser members by visiting   


You can sign up using one of our members by visiting   


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