Platinum for the top earners of referrers of Internet users and large companies. 

This is our fourth appreciated level for the stalwart users of the Internet.  Do you want to earn at minimum $9.600 US per year? One referral per month. This level is for you. Add it to your bank account. Advertisers must have many customers and business supporters willing to pay you and get paid by others. Also, you don’t have to be an advertiser. You can sign up with the Company’s Platinum Distribuware Advertisement Payment Page or another member’s Platinum level, and start referring other heavy hitters to come in. You can always do with extra cash to start your own business or pay off some of your debts. Don’t forget to give donations to the needy.

Find a suitable advertiser or distributor of Distribuware. Sign up using an Advertiser’s or Distributor’s Advertisement Payment Page. Pay the member fee of US currency $1200.00. This level entitles you to twenty (20) advertisements. All adds are changeable at no extra cost.

Members can become Sub Administrators sharing a percentage of Administration fees providing a member successfully signs up 12 new persons or companies per month for one year or 144 signups per year and does this for 2 years. Sub Administrators prospects must purchase all 5 of the Level Packages ranging through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. A special Sub Administrator Agreement will be agreed upon between the member and

If a member does this level sales, the income earned will be $417,600  in one year.  This will show that a member has taken Distribuware Advertising and referral marketing as a viable business venture akin to selling Life Insurance Policies. Distributors especially, can use the system of Distribuware Advertising as a business venture. Such persons or companies will be entitled to become Sub Administrators. This Platinum level based on 12 signups per month brings in an income of $115,200 per year.  A Sub Administrator begins by earning 5% of Administration fees ending at 15% over a 5 year period.

You can sign up using (Distribuware Account) and refer the company by utilizing our Advertising Advertisement Payment Page for a Platinum Level account.

You can sign up using one of our Advertiser members by visiting

You can sign up using one of our  members by visiting

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Thanks for considering our Distribuware Advertising System.