The songs and lyrics contained here are expressions of consciousness of God, the universe and man’s real goal of life. The upliftment of peace and prosperity, success, self realization, fulfillment, and all spiritual recognition that life in its real sense has to offer. Here is a link of the third song.

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Spirit souls are particles of the Supreme,
Complete Whole Super Soul creates this world.
We souls made faulty desires to control, 
Loving Divine sent us to this world.

We enter this material place with pride and forgetfulness,
Of who we are, tiny soul cells of His eternal greatness.
We think we are free in this house of dread,
Not knowing everything here must become dead.

Here love turns to hate, then to anger,
Lust manifests itself and becomes danger.
We steal the wealth and misuse the material energy,
Mistaking it for the original synergy.

Originally ordained to be eternal servants of Creator,
Instead we become slaves of devilish dictator,
We lost our true nature and call ourselves colors,
Fighting each other in battles for gold and dollars.

Ignorance reigns in this age of confusion,
Material science simply creates more illusion.
Without spiritual science in actions,
We don't get it and create more protractions.

There's a solution to this miscalculation and mess,
We have to turn our attention within the Divine Address.
Eternal servants of the Supreme Being.
Then we return to ourselves as eternal living beings.

We can no longer act like animals following our mad minds,
We must be conscious and gentle to all living kinds,
We shall now turn again to our real Controller,
Surrender with love, serve Him with devotional sounder.

Jivatma (spirit soul) love is all we are!  Jivatma love we will always be!
Paramatma (Supreme Soul) Love is all there is.  Paramatma controls and distributes the eternal happiness.

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