The songs and lyrics contained here are expressions of consciousness of God, the universe and man’s real goal of life. The upliftment of peace and prosperity, success, self realization, fulfillment, and all spiritual recognition that life in its real sense has to offer. Here is a link of the third song.

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"Bluesh Hue”
Composed  by Siddhajana Dasa ( Steve Taylor)
A song about the recognition and description of God as described in the Vedic literatures.
Blue Skies, golden suns, and cooling moons,
White or darkesh grey clouds are reminders,
Bluesh green oceans, and mountains,
These colors and objects reminds us of the Original One.
Air we breathe, water we drink,
Mother earth bearing trees and plants
Reminds us of the hairs on the Body of the Supreme Being,
Rivers we see are the veins of the Divine Being.
The beauty of life is known,
When we realize the truths of the soul within us,
Then we climb to our highest manifested self,
That we are eternal servants of Super-most Master.
If we live in this world,
Not really understanding who we are,
We then fight among ourselves,
Due to ignorance of who we are, we mistake earth bodies to be our true selves.
Humans we will only be,
When we know we are spiritual beings,
Made out of eternity, knowledge and blissful light,
We are mere sparks of the one and only Chief Energetic.
Bluesh Hue is His spiritual complexion,
The most beautiful Original Person,
The real King, Queen and Perfect Whole,
That is the Supreme Personality of Krsna,
The ultimate beginning without ending Super Soul.

“Krishna possesses all good qualities. He is Bhagavan! He possesses all opulent qualities in the infinite degree. He is the most beautiful personality. Since He is the Supreme, He has the supreme form and personality. No one is more beautiful or attractive than He. Krishna attracts everyone. Therefore He is called Krishna, the all-attractive one. Except for the liberated souls, everyone in the material world is attracted by Cupid. But Krishna is so attractive that He not only attracts the liberated souls but He attracts Cupid as well. Krishna is the strongest personality. By His desire alone all the universes are created and destroyed by one portion of a portion of His personal form. He can do anything and everything as He likes. Krishna is also the wealthiest person since all wealth in all worlds everywhere come from Him. Everything animate and inanimate within all creation is owned and controlled by the Lord, who is the actual provider of everything. One who knows this perfectly well never claims anything as his own but uses everything in the service of the Lord.”

His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

A Description of God.

The Vedic scriptures are very vast. Unlike other worldly scriptures, the Vedas emanate from the speech of the Supreme Being. The word “god” is used in English as to infer the Supreme Being. The Vedas give many names for the Supreme Being in the Sanskrit language. Each name used, describes an attribute or description of the inconceivable nature of God. Unlike our names which are different from us, the names of God are identical with God. When one is thirsty, the name water comes to mind, but simply by chanting water, one’s thirst is not quenched. One must drink the actual substance water. In the material world, material energy is different from the names given. In the spiritual world, the names are the same as their spiritual objects. Simply by chanting a name, the object appears. These inconceivable potencies are described by God Himself in the Vedas.

God describes Himself in the Vedas as He spoke and wrote them Himself. This is the exact difference between the Vedas and other planet earth scriptures. The Vedas were spoken at the time of the creation of the entire material world. From time to time, as the Vedas become misused and misunderstood, God ascends to the material world on a particular planet in order to adjust the misuse or misunderstanding. He may come Himself or send His confidential servants to act on His behalf.

We are living a false life which we wrongly conclude is real, where man has not created anything about the world he lives in. He simply uses material energy to mix in various ways to produce objects. Then man thinks he is God or as great as God or that there is no God. As an original creator, God created all material matter in the form of earth, fire, air, water and space-ether, which we cannot do without even for a few seconds. From these five gross material energies, man’s body and indeed all other gross material bodies are made. Three other subtle energies of mind, intelligence and false ego or false life (thinking oneself the body) make up the whole structure of a gross body in the material world. One other energy is missing from that gross body to make it a complete life. This is the spiritual spark of eternity, knowledge and bliss, namely the spirit soul. It is this spirit soul that keeps the body alive. Once this energy spark has left the body, the body again goes back to its sources, the earth, fire, air, water and ether. The Vedic literatures spoken by the Supreme being describe this information in the greatest detail repeatedly in various ways. It is the source of all knowledge known or unknown to man.

The spiritual spark of the soul that we really are, real life, is a minute particle of God. It is like a spiritual cell of the spiritual person of God but simultaneously separated from God. God is a person just like you and I are. Man has not created human beings just because our parents gave us birth. That process itself is given by God. Man cannot create sex organs and sex itself. Similarly all other life forms are not created by us. The only real Creator is God Himself. It is for these reasons and millions of more reasons, that God is referred to by numerous various names throughout the entire universe. These names of God, are God Himself. If we develop the spiritual practice of calling out these names, we then invoke the presence of God Himself into our lives.

Human beings who have taken up the process of chanting the Holy Names of God, can realize the absolute truth of the Personality features of the Supreme by a process of gradual scientific and spiritual realization. It is a most practical system of science and religion combined. Man has no other way of knowing God, who God is, who we are, what is this world, what is the spiritual world, what happens after death of this body and many many whats, whys and hows. These questions are answered by God Himself, once they are asked in a non-envious mode. We cannot be jealous or envious of God, because, obviously we really own nothing. We may have some thing for a time being but eventually we will have to leave it behind, for we do not own it in reality. Just like we are very proud of our bodies, but we must one day leave it. By the presence of the false ego, we think we are the owners and controllers of both man and God. It is this false ego which is an insane position of the human mind, why we are constantly suffering instead of enjoying life eternally. We desire to live happily and that is a natural feeling because the soul is a particle of God who is full eternity, knowledge and bliss form. God is not formless, as we think. We can’t have something that He hasn’t got. We have forms, and we have them because God gave us forms. Therefore, God created us humans in His likeness and image. That is a fact also stated in the Bible and other worldly scriptures. The Vedas however describes in great depth how this fact is real. Once the human being accepts that he does not know and is not envious of God’s position, the Vedas becomes the source of actual knowledge and realizations who God is.

We must read the essence and summary studies of Bhagavad Gita As It Is and Srimad Bhagavatam translated by His Divine Grace, A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The knowledge of the Vedas does not take away the knowledge of other scriptures of man. Actually, the Vedas substantiates and explains spiritual and religious science and knowledge, so that one fully grasps the essence of the presence of the Divine Being, leaving no more room for spiritual blindness, ignorance and other illusions, delusions and confusions of life in this material world. Hare Krsna.

By Siddhajana Dasa (Steve Taylor)

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